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US Employment Study

US Employment Study

3/14/11 – US Employment and Job Statistics – We just completed an analysis of employment statistics from 1939 – 2010 and focus in on 2000-2010 for 11 major sectors of the economy. These employment statistics give you a clear perspective on the Recovery, Recession and the Bubbles that preceded the major downturns. See two sets of economic sector graphs: 1939-2010 and 2000-2010.

We also show you job creation by president. First we look at job creation during a president’s administration. Then we look at job creation beginning two years into a president’s administration and continuing to two years after his administration ends. This is a crude approximation of job creation that might be attributable to a particular president’s policies. Of course it does not take into account effects from previous administrations. We will delve into that in future videos.

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